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Bravitzlana Rubakalva

the angels have the phone box

Mary Le Fey
21 October
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I'm a writer silly enough to have gotten my BA in English, so I have a rough time tolerating unintentionally shitty grammar. I'm an INFP who rarely categorizes herself anymore. Lately, I like to examine life and the literary arts through lazier media. I get sad when other people don't get a cultural reference.

When I "grow up," I like to think I'll be an even-more-awesome-than-I-am-now amalgam of awesome female television characters. Props to Lorelai Gilmore, Paris Geller, Donna Noble, and the incomparable River Song.
Despite recurring intellectual elitism and snobbery, I have great love for television. I'm a big fan of Doctor Who - at least from 2005 on. I don't have Classic Who street cred at the moment, oh well. I also enjoy The Office (US) and The Big Bang Theory, though TBBT is odd because of the laugh track/studio audience interfering. :( Love lots of dead shows - Gilmore Girls, Daria - and indulge in reality competition shows that seem to feature primarily gay men - RuPaul's Drag Race and Project Runway - but I try not to keep up until the end of a season so that I can waste an entire day watching all the episodes in one go.
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HELEN: I'm still on the rebound. Oh god, I hate that word, but I am.
JAMES: Who isn't? Everyone is. I'm on the rebound myself, in a way.
HELEN: So who are you on the rebound from?
JAMES: A girl called Pamela. My whole life pivots around Pam and I breaking up.
HELEN: And when was that?
JAMES: 1973; we were eight. // I bloody loved that woman! No warning, just up - gone, left me for somebody else!
JAMES: Gary Glitter! Gary Glitter, for crying out loud! I mean, All my friends were being left for Donny Osmond or David Cassidy, and I could have come to terms with that, given time. But Gary - oh, she wanted to touch him there, yeah.
-- Sliding Doors