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21 March 2012 @ 09:29 pm
Top 7 Glee Performances (from someone crazy)  
Okay, so I've been watching Glee since the Grilled Cheezus episode back in 2010. I occasionally out-and-out like it, but mostly I watch it because of that train wreck aspect it has. Possibly the stupidest thing about me watching Glee is that I don't actually like the singing/dancing. I don't like most of the song themselves, and a musical performance is like an interruption to my watching Finn be the awkward human meatball that he is and Santana say amazing things. So I wanted to compile a list of my favorite Glee musical performances, because... there really are so few that I like in the first place. The patterns in my preferences will become very clear. 

Number 7 - "Take Me or Leave Me"

Okay, I kind of love this song anyway. It's one of the few Rent songs that doesn't make me impatient for its end. Within the show, I was just uh... very surprised to see that this was the song the characters decided to "diva off" with. 

Number 6 - "Valerie"

This was the first Glee performance that actually ever impressed me, and I had no idea what this song was before that. I love Santana in a spotlight with her cute little headdress. 

Number 5 - "Constant Craving"

I also didn't know anything about this song before I saw it on Glee, and I was like "What is this amazing thing happening to my ears?" And I think the shots of different characters throughout the song are really well done. 

Number 4 - "Back to Black" 

The pattern, do you see it? Santana and Glee were my Amy Winehouse gateway. I fucking love her voice and this song in general. Also, this video is funkified and slowed down. 

Number 3 - "Rumour Has It/Someone Like You"

... Gluh. I just collapsed on the floor from the amazingness.

Number 2 - "Survivor/I Will Survive"

Okay, this performance gave me like... a musical wedgie of surprise and delight, and the fact that the writers couldn't just say "fuck it all" and let the New Directions lose to the Trouble Tones is proof that THERE IS NO GOD. Clearly. I want this song to play every time I fill out job applications or come out from an interview. Because from terrible job interviews for call centers that aren't clear with what they want in their job fair advertisements, I'M A SURVIVOR. I'M GONNA MAKE IT. 

Number 1 - "Don't Rain on My Parade"

So this list pretty much belongs to Santana and Mercedes, and I feel like an asshole for giving a Rachel song the top spot, but there's an energy in the delivery of this song that just rips my pants right off. Figuratively speaking. Also, it's kind of... my life's theme song. Most of the time I have the support of my parents and my general (small) emotional support system when I'm making random decisions, but I'm always bracing myself anyway for those who bring around their Logic Clouds to rain on my proverbial parades of moving up and down the east coast and majoring in English and all other silliness that I love to do and that makes my life rich. 

o fortuna velut lunasaria on March 23rd, 2012 04:34 am (UTC)
omg rumour has it/someone like you is probably my favorite glee performance just because of the emotional intensity connected to it. I WAS LIKE A PILE OF TEARS EVERY TIME I LISTENED TO IT FOR A WEEK AFTER WATCH THAT EPISODE.