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10 January 2013 @ 08:59 am
An "I Hate" Post  
I hate mushrooms. 
I hate when restaurants put onions in salads. 
I hate when men are talking to women about ... something very closely tied to sexism or objectification, and then when the woman uses simple logic & points out internalized sexism in something the man said, the man basically throws up his hands and goes, "Whoa whoa whoa! I wasn't talking about that at all! You so crazy and defensive and not logical, silly emotional woman!" 4EO8RWUDC23NB89N247B NV27OWE.

Also, that keyboard smash just unlocked something weird on my laptop. 

I hate how before I get sick there's this spot in my throat that I'm constantly conscious of. (But I'm also grateful that it tells me I'm about to be sick, because it allowed me to go get all the soup last night in preparation for the duration.) 

I hate that I didn't get ginger ale for myself last night. :( 

Things that I don't hate but that are on my brain: 

- Does a fever actually mean your brain is on fire? 
- I got sick right after my relationship started, because he was sick & shared his germs. I got sick right after my relationship ended, because the friend I visited for Golden-Girls-watching & ice-cream-eating was sick. (So it's very possible if we hadn't broken up, I would not be sick.) 
- Every time I start a thought, I keep going like this: 
2nbuger.jpg   2x12-The-Injury-Animated-gif-the-office-8678636-325-187