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10 December 2012 @ 10:51 pm
Boos are just applause from ghosts  
Yays in life: 

Tickets to the Nutcracker on the 27th! I'm a dork about the Nutcracker, don't judge. Hopefully this one will have a full, proper orchestra and not be a ballet-on-speed, just-play-the-CD-over-the-speaker-system abomination that was the Straz Center Nutcracker last year (the show was fine, but seriously? NO LIVE ORCHESTRA?!). 

A wonderful game night on Saturday, where I learned to play Tsuro and finally got to play Dixit (BUNNIES! THERE ARE BUNNIES AS PLAYING PIECES. THAT IS THE CUTEST THING. IT'S LIKE A BUNNY STAMPEDE WITH 8 PEOPLE). And we played Taboo, which is quite up my alley but I'd never played before. Was very pleased to use a ridiculous in-joke with Reese when I had to get folks to guess "Margaret Thatcher." Finally played Cards Against Humanity, too, though at the Ugly Sweater party at Meatland afterward. 

Our 5 Hebrew Love Songs performance is done. DONE. No more. 

Carol Sing next Sunday!

Gender-free Contra Dancing in like 2 weeks! 

The loveliest boy in all of Boston/the eastern timezone has repeatedly suggested watching Gilmore Girls. Add this to the time I was heading downstairs to get myself some water and he met me at the top of the stairs with a full bottle for me like he had GODDAMN READ MY MIND BEFORE I WAS EVEN THIRSTY.  WHAT IS HE TRYING TO DO TO ME. 

Boston Public Library at Copley Square yesterday! Amazing exhibit about the EI elevated rail that turned into the current Orange Line. Plus some bizarre adorable dioramas completely unrelated to the exhibit. 

The weather has been very mild, thus allowing my car to continue running & not freeze over the battery.

Boos in life: 

The weather has been very mild, thus impossibilizing romantic snow walks with hot chocolate/cider. 

I am super-awkward about Christmas and hate the majority of Christmas music and WHY do musical artists feel the need to put out recordings of themselves singing carols? Just. Stop this madness. It is terrible awfulness like 97% of the time. Why you do this, Rod Stewart? I love you so irrationally. Don't taint my irrational love with rational ire. 

BPL at Copley did not have Sandman! What the fuck, guys? Also your database is super-unintuitive. "0 Available out of 0" directly above "1 Available out of 1" does not foster understanding amongst your users. 

Half a Year

In the blinking of the summer, I belonged to you,
the ribbons of your life cutting snug against my skin. 

"You do not play the clarinet," you said,
as if I had asked if water were wet, 
"so of course I could never love you." 

But I came to your side regardless, 
to sleep in the room beside yours in the home 
of your tennis-loving, painfully caucasian family.

The fireflies winked at us on the evening walk, 
and the July air was strong with wood and bloom,
but you did not want to hold my hand.

Half a year since this began, we barely wave to each other
from across the world - I left because you would not arrive.