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27 February 2011 @ 11:44 pm
This might be really obnoxious because I know he can see this, but -- my boyfriend's pretty frakkin' awesome but I totally blame him for me watching um... this awards show. SERIOUSLY I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE AWARD IS. Is it ... the Oscars? It's still on and everything. Seriously. What is wrong with me today. 

ANYWAY. I just wanted to say to the world that, even though I haven't seen The King's Speech, I was jazzed over and over again tonight because I love Colin Firth and want him to be my celebrity godfather. 

Also WHY ARE THEY PLAYING THE MUSIC FROM OKLAHOMA? And now "Take My Breath Away?" I feel like I'm going mad. WHAT IS THIS MEDLEY FROM HELL. 

Okay, repurposing this post because I'm... awake. And I might as well. 
Watching "Being Erica" is an adventure in enjoying shows while wanting to smack the main character (though nothing beats BBC's "Merlin" in that respect). But a few days ago, I realized that it is yet another hour-long show with 12, 13 episodes per season - like "Merlin" and like "Drop Dead Diva." (Okay, also Doctor Who, but I talk about DW often enough in my life.) Now, Merlin (and Doctor Who) are largely Status Quo shows. Change is not particularly rapid, characters develop in a relatively linear fashion over the course of a season (we hope). But with "Being Erica" and "Drop Dead Diva" - shows primarily based in ~the real world~ but with a touch (a dollop?) of fantasy - one of the unique things for me as a viewer is that things can and do change quickly.

This is very satisfying in DDD - the happiest thing in my life is that the character interactions & relationship upgrades (and downgrades) that happen in, for instance, episode 4 are acknowledged by main characters in episode 5 - as opposed to suddenly being assumed as The New Status Quo. However, the same speed in Being Erica is a bit infuriating at times and makes me go "le sigh, just stop it." Example: We are currently 5 episodes into the 3rd season, meaning we have known one particular male character for 5 episodes, and already I saw a promo about the protagonist being ~attracted to~ this character. And I just want to say, "Calm down. You barely know this guy, we barely know this guy, and this is VERY VERY OBVIOUS." Also, I wish she would stop ~being attracted to~ so many people. Just. Sit. Down. What is with you. 

The rest of this post very purely for my own reference. Was trying to think of the foods that I really enjoy and thus should learn to make at some point so I don't live off of microwave pizzas when I have my own place: 

Fried chicken
Blackened chicken
Chicken salad
Buffalo chicken salad
Mashed potatoes
Peas, green beans, broccoli
Pad thai
Bacon (okay, I know how to cook bacon. ...Sort of.)
Chicken pot pie... soup... stuff

Thankfully, a lot of what I like - especially side-dish type stuff - is direct or as-is stuff like celery. My main food groups are basically "chicken, bread, and fruit," so only the chicken's much hassle (since I'm not going to bother trying to make bread any time soon). Pears, apples, grapes, clementines, peaches, nectarines... Oh man, the nectarines in the grocery store I went to during my Florida trip smelled SO GOOD I'm surprised I did not shackle myself to the stand. The nectarine/peach section at the commissary here was quite a disappointment a few days ago. Le sigh. 
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